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Posted by rockindomp3

If you haven't seen this yet (it's been making the rounds for a couple of weeks) all I can say is-- wow! It would be hard to imagine such a tune making it on to a Network (or even basic cable) TV show in this post "Just Say No" era.  It's like you can only talk (or sing) about drugs on the tube if you end your story with some sort of moralistic penance. But this Jimmy Carter era observation on rampant drug use, set to swinging, Vegas style music is a great look at a time when things were a lot looser.If you haven't already seen this (it's been making the rounds for a few weeks) check out this peculiar drug song from Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson. I can't imagine something like this on TV nowadays. It's like you are not allowed to mention drugs in the media without some sort of
penance. The lyrics don't really advocate drug taking, simply acknowledge it, but even that, in this post "Just Say No" and "Zero Tolerance" era seems almost shocking. Let's face it, society has moved backwards both socially and mentally since the day Ronald Regan took office. I wish Obama would light a cigarette in the middle of his next press conference, he looks like he's dying for one, poor fella.

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