Gillian's Found Photo #13

Posted by rockindomp3

    From the Fang's vast archives this week's found photo is an examination of young love. This photo was taken at the Mineola Skating Rink. Mineola is out on Long Island, New York. Long Island scares me, you can't drive through it, if you want to leave the only way out is to turn around and go back the way you came. Unless you have a boat waiting somewhere. Still, plenty of great rock'n'roll came from Long Island including the Bell Notes ("I've Had It"), 3/4th's of the Velvet  Underground, the Young Rascals, Billy Miller of Norton Records (who grew up on the same block as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai!). Technically Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island, so you can add the Shangri-Las (from Cambria Heights), the Vagrants, the Ramones (both from Forrest Hills), the Excellents ("Coney Island Baby"), the Magnificent 4 ("Uncle Sam"), and the Heartbreakers, not to mention songwriting teams like Goffin & King, Mann & Weil, Burton & Sawyer, etc.  I went to a wedding in Mineola once, I remember it as being a mostly Jewish-Italian middle class suburb, looking like most of Long Island-- strip malls in every direction, all the women snapping gum, lots of traffic.  I'm not sure if the skating rink is still there, nor do I have any idea what became of Russ and his gal, but I love this  photo.

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