The Stooges- James Williamson's Return

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Raw Power, Live at the Planeta Terra Festival, Nov. 7, 2009, San Paulo, Brazil

Search & Destroy

Cock In My Pocket

Death Trip (this must be the first time they ever played this one live)...

The Stooges are back, with James Williamson on guitar, a year ago this would have been almost unthinkable, but with Ron Asheton's passing there was no other man for the job. Oddly enough "Straight" James had just taken an early retirement from his executive job at Sony.
He sounds great, still playing the Les Paul he played on Raw Power, great set list that included
pre-Raw Power material and two Iggy solo tunes (Lust For Life and The Passenger). The whole set list can be found here. Steve McKay is now onstage for the whole set, playing a lot of sax and some percussion, I can't wait for 'em to hit NYC...

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