Blues Busters

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In November I wrote about the Jiving Juniors, one of my favorite pre-ska Jamaican R&B groups.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto this clip of their main competition-- the Blues Busters on Youtube. I believe the group was a duo-- Lloyd Cambell and Phillip James, and they are not to be confused with Prince Buster's backing group with whom they share a name. This clip, I believe it comes from a documentary called This Is Ska (1964) so obscure it isn't even listed on the Internet Movie Data Base. If I was home in NYC I could add some of my favorite records of theirs like Little Vilma, in fact, keep an eye on this spot, when I get back next week I'll post a few of their tunes. Meanwhile, dig this clip!
Addendum: Here's a few early singles by the Blues Busters for your listening pleasure, these are all early Trojan sides from 1961-4: Lost My Baby, Early One Morning, I Need Some Loving,
I Need Your Loving, Pleadin' For Mercy, Sweet Dreamin', Little Vilma. Enjoy. I'll be back in action soon as my brain thaws out a bit....

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