Stompin' Volume 21

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1.Jimmy Good-Watch Dog
2.Lenny Johnson-Walk Ginny Walk
3.Phil Flowers-The Dances
4.Premiers-Run Along Baby
5.Duane Yates-Hold It
6.Sammy Taylor-Switchin' In The Kitchen
7.Al Garris-That's All
8.Skip Manning-Ham & Eggs
9.Flash Terry-On My Way Back Home
10.Egyptians-Flipping Thier Top
11.Johnny Stewart-A Whole Lot Of Love
12.Little Mummy-Oh Baby Please
13.Cliff Chambers-Don't Talk Back
14.Don & Dewey-Kill Me
15.Johnny (The Twist) Williams-Teach Me How
16.Fabulous Little Joe Arlee Carruthers-Hot Wire Baby
17 Fabulous Little Joe Arlee Carruthers-Down In New Orleans
18.Lil' Preacher Roy-Wont'cha Be My Girl
19.Little Mummy-Where You At Jack
20.Egyptians-That's Alright
21.Bill Watts-Let's Go Steady
22.Piano Slim-Whammy In The Gizmo
23.Kid Guitar Thompson-My Baby Done Me Wrong

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