Okeh R'n'B Story

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Volume 1 OKeh R'n'B Story Vol. 1.rar - 88.7 MB
1.Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames-Rock The Joint
2.Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames-That's Right
3.The Five Scamps / Chicken Shack
4.Mr. Google Eyes with Billy For-No Wine No Women
5.The Five Scamps / Red Hot
6.Mr. Google Eyes with Billy For -Rough & Rocky Road
7.Chris Powell & The Five Blue F.-Hot Dog
8.The Five Scamps / Fine Like Wine
9.Chi (Chicago)-Jumpin' Joe Williams
10. Lyin' Girl Blues-Jumpin' Joe Williams
11.Gotta Have My Baby-The ravens
12.Let's Jump Tonight-Chuck Willis
13.I Want A Lavendar Cadillac-Maurice King
14.If You Ever Had The Blues-Earl Williams
15.Catch 'Em Young, Treat 'Em Rough, Tell 'Em Nothin'-Bill Davis Trio
16.Weekday Blues-Jumpin' Joe Williams
17.My Runaround Baby-Irlton French
18.Stuttering Blues-5 Scamps
19.She Did Me Wrong-Leroy Johnson
20.Honey I Don't Want You-The Ravens
21.Work Baby Work-Larry Darnell
22.Camp Meeting-Pinochio James
23.Come On Daddy (Let's Go Play Tonight)-Pearl Taylor
24.I Feel So Good-Maurice King
25.Three Ball Sam (The Pawn Shop Man)-Pearl Taylor
26.Brother's Blues-BLittle Brother Brown

Volume 2 OKeh R'n'B Story Vol. 2.rar - 84.9 MB
1. Jumpin' Joe Williams with Red-Hey Bartender Give That Men A Drink
2. Little Brother Brown / Goof Boogie
3. Chuck Willis / I Rule My Housse
4. Pinnochio James / Pinnochio's
5. Larry Darnell / I'll Be Sittin
6. It's Been A Long Time /Ann Laurie
7. Hadda Brooks / Jump Back Honey
8. Titus Turner / Got So Much Tro
9. Gas Happy Mama/The Royals
10. My Story/Big Maybelle
11. Gabbin' Blues/Big Maybelle
12. The Moondog/The Treniers
13. Stop Talkin' And Start Walkin'/Annie Laurie
14. Dig This Menu Please!/Red Rodney Sextet
15. It Ain't Nothing Happening/Paul Gayten
16. You Broke My Heart/Chuck Willis
17. Poontang/The Treniers
18. Brook's Boogie/Hadda Brooks
19. Jinny Mule-Big Maybelle
20. Livin' In Misery/Titus Turner
21. Voodoo Blues/Bill Davis Trio
22. Bring The Money In/Bill Davis Trio
23. You The Kind Of Women/Sammy Cotton
24. I'm In The Mood For You/Annie Laurie
25. Make Up Your Mind/Chuck Willis
26. Cow Cow Blues/Paul Gayten

Volume 3 OKeh R'n'B Story Vol. 3.rar - 87.7 MB
1. Cliff "King" Solomon / But Off
2. Sammy Cotton / Give Me One Mor
3. Annie Laurie / Leave It To Me
4. Cliff "King" Solomon with Erne/Square Dance Boogie
5. Big John & The Buzzards / Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
6. Big Maybelle / One Monkey Don't
7. Titus Turner / My Lonely Room
8. The Treniers / Uh Oh
9. Creole Alley/Paul Gayten
10.Give Me Your Love/Larry Darnell
11. Bad, Bad Women/The Shufflers
12.I'm Gettin' Long/Big Maybelle
13.Oop Shoop/Big John & The Buzzards
14.Jump Ted!/The Shufflers
15.Ocean Of Tears/Big Maybelle
16.Ring Ding Do/Chuck Willis
17.Little Demon/S.J. Hawkins
18.I Put A Spell On You/S.J. Hawkins
19.Bacon Fat/Andre Williams
20.The Last Meal/Hurricanne Harry
21.Let's Do The Slop/Little Joe & The Sloppers
22.Where You Been/Lloyd Fatman
23.Miss Mushmouth/Lloyd Fatman
24.Wyatt Earp/The Marquees Featuring Marvin Gaye With Bo Diddley
25.Billy's Heartache/Billy Stewart With Bo Diddley
26.Yellow Coat/Screamin' Jay Hawkins

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