Ray Doggett - Doggone It Doggett

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1. Go go heart (1:56)
2.falling teardrops (2:28)
3.It hurts the one who loves you (1:46)
4.That's the way love is with me (2:04)
5.Love is made of this (2:16)
6.Now it's over (2:07)
7.High school wedding ring (1:51)
8.Whirlpool of love (2:02)
9.Beach party (1:40)
10.So lonely tonight (1:43)
11.No doubt about it
12.I'm afraid
13.Restless heart
14.Can l be the one

Ray Doggett - Doggone It Doggett (Hydra Label LP).rar - 58.5 MB

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