The Sue Records Story: New York City: The Sound of Soul

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This four-CD, 100-song set is the best representative body of work ever assembled (or ever likely to be assembled) of the R&B and soul releases from Henry "Juggy Murray" Jones' Sue Records. The range of sounds runs the gamut from ex-Drifter Bobby Hendricks' first hit for the company ("Itchy Twitchy Feeling") in 1959, through the string of hits by Ike & Tina Turner, to the company's last hits some seven years later. Not only is every chart single that the label ever had represented, but so are club hits from the mid-'60s and solo sides by uniquely New York-associated figures. The contents of the box are almost ideal, along with their arrangement -- in contrast some other box sets, this one follows strict release order, which is a great way to follow the history of the label (though not ideal for anyone, apart from owners of multi-disc players, who simply wants to hear the label's best-known tracks in one sitting). » Read more

Disc 1 The Sue Records Story - Disk 1.rar - 66.6 MB

1 Vengeance (Will Be Mine) Matadors
2 Itchy Twitchy Feeling Hendricks
3 Written in the Stars Four Jokers
4 Believe It or Not Covay
5 A Thousand Dreams Hendricks
6 I Feel Like a Million Bradley
7 Betty Jean Covay
8 The Chicken Scratch Commandos
9 Hand in Hand Darrow
10 Psycho Hendricks
11 Don't Leave Adams
12 Don't Start Me Talking Darrow
13 A Fool in Love Turner
14 Night Ridin' Night Riders
15 I Idolize You Turner
16 That's All I Need Turner
17 Trouble Up the Road Brenston
18 I'm Jealous Turner
19 I Wanna Marry You Jimmy & Jean
20 You Ain't the One Brenston
21 My Man Rockhead Carter
22 I Can't Believe Jimmy & Jean
23 My Love Turner
24 Keep Your Business to Yourself Woods
25 Stick Shift Duals

Disc 2 The Sue Records Story - Disk 2.rar - 72.0 MB
Title Performer Time
1 It's Gonna Work Out Fine Turner
2 She Put the Hurt on Me Prince La La
3 I Know (You Don't Love Me NoMore) George
4 May I Have This Dance? Senors
5 You Talk About Love George
6 Gettin' Married Soon Prince La La
7 Graveyard Blenders
8 Poor Fool Turner
9 I've Got a Woman, Pt. 1 McGriff
10 A Handful of Memories Washington
11 Come on Let Me Try Linda & The Del Rios
12 Tra la la la La Turner
13 Prancing Turner
14 You Should'a Treated Me Right Turner
15 Send for Me (If You Need Some Lovin') George
16 It Seemed Like Heaven to Me Morris
17 Let's Shimmy Coleman
18 Hitch Hike, Pt. 1 Byrd
19 Come Back to Me Prince La La
20 Worried and Hurtin' Inside Turner
21 Any Other Way Shane
22 That's How Heartaches Are Made Washington
23 Hold on Baby Hockadays
24 Summer's Love Barrett
25 All About My Girl McGriff

Disc 3 The Sue Records Story - Disk 3.rar - 69.7 MB
Title Performer Time
1 Mockingbird Foxx
2 She's Got Everything George
3 Daddy Rollin' Stone Martin
4 I Can't Stand It Soul Sisters
5 In My Tenement Shane
6 Leave Me Alone Washington
7 So Far Away Jacobs
8 Everybody But Me Smith
9 Ask Me Foxx
10 You're Mine, You Helms
11 Good Time Tonight Soul Sisters
12 I See You My Love Foxx
13 Don't Put Me Down Like This Martin
14 I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby Washington
15 Hurt by Love Foxx
16 I Can't Tell You Robbins
17 The Last Minute, Pt. 1 McGriff
18 Dreams Watkins
19 Loop de Loop Soul Sisters
20 Limbo Lucy Everglades
21 La De da I Love You Foxx
22 Yesterday …
Composed by: Lennon, McCartney
23 Ain't That Bad Pancho Villa & The Bandits, Winfield
24 You Succeeded Phillips
25 Monkey Hips and Rice Jacobs

Disc 4 The Sue Records Story - Disk 4.rar - 70.1 MB
Title Performer Time
1 Time Waits for No One Eddie & Ernie
2 Think About the Good Times Soul Sisters
3 Outcast Eddie & Ernie
4 Only Those in Love Washington
5 Fat Back Doggett
6 The Real Thing Britt
7 Annie Don't Love Me No More Hollwood Flames
8 One More Hurt Black
9 Love in My Heart Entertainers
10 I'm Going for Myself Eddie & Ernie
11 What Can I Do? Prophet
12 Two Is a Couple Turner
13 The New Breed, Pt. 1 Turner
14 Stagger Lee & Billy Turner
15 I Can't Do It Eddie & Ernie
16 She Blew a Good Thing Poets
17 Count to Ten Martin
18 World Without Sunshine Phillips
19 If You Go Martin
AMG Review 20 I'm Gonna Stand by You Hollywood Flames
21 I Was Born a Loser Lee
22 So Young (And So Innocent) Poets
23 If You've Ever Loved Someone Wells
24 She's Called a Woman Magnificent 7
25 Soul at Sunrise Juggy

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