Westport Records

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Westport Records was a record label founded 1955 in Kansas City by the Ruf Brothers. It lasted until 1962, just releasing about 22 singles

DISCOGRAPHY Provided By Eddie Cesc-Tacks provided By WAMPI

125-The Wesport Kids "Right Or Wrong"/"Hole Me My Darling"
126-The Wesport Kids "There´s A Crowd"/"In Sunshine Or Rain"
127-Jimmy Dallas "I´m No Good For You Anymore"/"Good Intention"
128-The Wesport Kids "Mama I Won´t Rock It"/"Yearning Playing"
129-Milt Dickey "Television Love"/"Bleeding Heart"
130-The Wesport Kids "You Can´t Take It With You"/"Your Kiss Turned Sour"
131-Jimmy Dallas "Who Do Honey You Do"/"I´ve Got A Right To Know"
132-Alvis Wayne "Swing Bop Boogie"/"Sleep Rock A Roll Baby"
133-Milt Dickey "Easy Payment Heart"/"Six Of One"
134-Tony Wayne "Together Forever"/"Many Days"
134-Wesport Sweethearts "Crazy Dream"
135-Cowboy Babby "Cap Gun Boogie"
136-Jimmy Dallas "Treasured Souvenirs/"Eeny Meeny Miny Mo"
137-Bob Dougherty "Movin´"/"The Bear"
138-Alvis Wayne "Don´t Mean Maybe Baby"/"I´d Reather Be With You"
139-Bob Dougherty "Blue Monday Blues"/"Teenage Flip"
140-Alvis Wayne "You Are The One"/"Lay Your Heart On My Shoulder"
141-Lee Finn "Hight Class Feelin"/"Por Me A Glass Of Wine"
142-Home Folk "Don´t Wait"/"You´re In My Every Dream"
143-Elmo Linn "San Houston"/"Another Arms"
144-Ronnie & Marlene "I Wanna Love You"/"Marlene"
145-Gene Chapman "Don´t Come Crayin´"/"Oklahoma Blues"

Added unissed tracks By Lee Finn "Cat All Night"-"It's Night"

Only the tracks marked are in the folder,any adition welcome !

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